Madrid was the final destination of our Spain tour that began in Málaga on May 17th. It was also the last week of the Hong family reunion in Spain. Jackson got to spend a lot of fun time playing with his six cousins.

We visited the Museo del Prado, the Royal Palace and saw a fantastic Flamenco show during the week.

But the highlight of this trip was celebrating Spain's victory in the World Cup with the locals. Thousands gathered at the Cibeles Square to watch the final game.

The celebrations continued through the night and amazingly, the players returned to Madrid the next day to hold the parade! The best part was that the parade route passed in front of our hotel.

Here's a video James took of the players passing by us. One of them even waved to Jackson.

When we started our trip in the south of Spain , I had mentioned that Antonio Banderas was born in Málaga. I never thought his name would reappear on this blog, but as luck would have it, Antonio stayed at our hotel and watched the parade from his window. James couldn't zoom in on him so he took a photo of the paparazzi taking a photo of him.

On a side note, I think that we might be better oracles than Paul the Octopus for the World Cup. We may not have picked the winners for the eight games, but we selected Spain and the Netherlands as our two main hubs in Europe on this world trip over a year ago :)

We had agreed that if Spain won, we would stay longer in Spain and visit San Sebastian. Otherwise we'd head to Amsterdam as planned. But it was hard to coordinate the last minute travels so we ended up leaving for Amsterdam after Madrid. Here's one shirt that James won't be wearing any time soon in the Netherlands.

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