...and we're off!

Julia had the idea of buying a Travelocity gnome outfit for Jackson and taking pictures of him in it at iconic locations during our trip.. so here's the first shot in the series:

Although we tried to pack light, including heavier clothes for New York definitely made things bulkier. So bulky in fact that we had to pay an extra $50 in overweight luggage fees. Here's a pic of what the sherpas are carrying:

Julia's efficient packing is what enabled us to make the bag too heavy:

The flight to NY was great. This was Jackson's third trip so far, the first two being Hawaii and San Diego. Being older, he did not sleep quite as much as he did on the Hawaii flight, but luckily he did not cry or otherwise make a nuisance of himself (at least we think so, you'd really have to ask other passengers for confirmation). He did squeal a little bit here and there, but generally he just slept on mommy or hung around quietly.

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