Tickets are booked!

I somehow managed to convince Julia not to go back to her job post-maternity leave and instead plan a year long trip living in various cities around the world.

The thinking is that it'll be hard to do this sort of thing as Jackson and any future kids get older, and hey, you only live once.. and life is short... and any other cliched rationalization we can think of :)

The places we are visiting are a little bit more tame than we would have preferred, but we had to incorporate the fact that we will be traveling with a baby! Here is our current itinerary:

NY: Oct 1 - Nov 27
Sydney: Nov 29 - Jan 22
New Zealand: Jan 22 - Feb 13
Singapore: Feb 13 - April 8
Hong Kong: April 8 - April 11
Taipei and Penghu: April 11 - April 21
Shanghai: April 21 - May 15
Barcelona: May 15 - June 26
TBD: June 26 - July 13
Amsterdam: July 13 - Sept 7
TBD: Sept 7 - ?

The schedule is subject to change, especially for the European portion.. subject to weather, how we are feeling, and any wild swings in the the Euro-Dollar exchange rate! The around the world ticket that we bought actually starts on the Sydney leg, so we can technically extend our trip until November 26 I think.

We are hoping that friends show up and visit, so do not disappoint us! Some friends we expect to see more now that we are joining their jet-set lifestyles.. You know who you are!! :P

We're gonna post updates of the trip at

*Elephant in Youtube video for demonstrative purposes only. We are not actually going anywhere with elephants, unfortunately.
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4 Responses
  1. brandon Says:

    aww but jackson won't even remember!

  2. Ryan Wanger Says:

    James, you might want to check out Everlater as a place to journal your trip. Check out my Patagonia trip for an example:

  3. Jaime Says:

    John Fan forwarded me your blog. I think we have some other friends in common also from Stanford (Allison?).

    My wife, our baby and I are in the middle of doing the same kind of trip, right now working our way thru Bavaria. Peculiarly, we are also J+J+J. Our blog is at We've learned a few things along the way, so give us a shout if anything!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cool, looking forward to meeting with you James my namesake. We have a mutual friend in Meng Weng. Welcome to sunny Singapore in advance, and I hope you'll strongly consider Singapore as one of your possible contingency escape routes!

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