New Plan

(by James)

We've decided that although we absolutely love Amsterdam, we are going to take off earlier than originally planned. Later this week, we are headed to the Czech Republic to visit Prague. I am hoping to show Julia one of my all time favorite towns, Cesky Krumlov, and also maybe the Ossuary in Kutna Hora. After a few weeks in CZ, we are headed to Estonia for a few more weeks (If anyone has suggestions of things to do/places to see in Estonia, please let us know!). Then we drop by Helsinki before flying back to NY in early Sept for Julia's dad's birthday. (Or perhaps we should spend less time in Estonia and more time in Finland?) After that, we'll probably go visit my brother and his family to check out their new house in San Diego, and then either come back to the Bay Area or possibly go to Maui for a bit before returning home. We left on Oct 1, so it'd be neat to come home exactly 1 year later.
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