NY --> Sydney in 24 hours

We arrived in Sydney yesterday morning after a full day of travel.

NY - LA (5.5 hrs)
Layover in LA (3 hrs)
LA - Sydney (14.5 hrs)

We flew on the new A380 to Sydney. The plane was huge and very comfortable. Jackson was such a good baby throughout the flight. He smiled at everyone who passed by and slept for the first half of the trip. The built in bassinet was pretty nifty but there wasn't much wiggle room. The great thing about these bassinets is that there is a top layer that buckles across so you don't have to pick up the baby when the seatbelt sign turns on. That said, the seatbelt sign rarely came on and Jackson still spent a lot of time on us.

The only hiccup on this trip was that my suitcase didn't make it on our flight, but got on the next flight over. It was delivered to us a few hours later so all is good. We're now all settled in an apartment in Potts Point and excited to explore the city.

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