Tourist in the City

Posted by Julia

Traffic seems to have gotten worse in New York yet Times Square appears less congested than I remember. It was always the part of town that I avoided but we headed there today to take some photos for the Roaming Jackson project.

There are lots of pedestrian only zones in the middle of Times Square allowing visitors to appreciate all the bright lights. I never understood why people would stand around on frigid New Year's Eves, but standing there today I definitely felt the appeal and energy of the city.

Coming back to the city as a visitor is an entirely different experience than as a resident. I was surprised to see the Empire State building peaking out as we strolled down Sixth Avenue. It was a sight that I had clearly taken for granted since I worked a block away and never noticed. Looking back, living in NY was about getting from point A to B as fast as I could.

In my mind New York was never part of our "world tour" because I lived here. But it is very much a part of our journey. New York is an ever changing city that will always feel new to me each time I visit.

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