Final Memories

This post is just small notes for us to remember a few little things from each place we visited.

2.5 men/Location,location,location/Border Security
Yuppy Party Bois everywhere
Jackson’s Musical Table Toy From Auntie Zoe
Josh Pyke “The summer”

New Zealand
Mom setting kettle on fire
Queenstown Luge
Hopgoods Restaurant in Nelson
Celine’s House & Eggs

Babysitter Calling us Home because Jackson wouldn’t stop crying. (First time hiring a babysitter, ever!)
SMS Taxis
Same Breakfast every morning downstairs
Switching apartments because of roaches / roach bomb / smell

Holes in wall in Tokyo Apartment
Looking for Jameson’s favorite Ramen Restaurant in the cold
Train Ride Bento Boxes

Penghu Hotel Room

Japanese Yakitori Restaurant (Niao An)
City Shop Grocery Store and Linda Massage
James eating Sheng Jian Bao and Squirting Juice on Julia’s brand new outfit
Jackson breaking the hinge and the Wifi on James’ Laptop

Chinese Food and Shwarmas every night, and Alimentacion convenience stores on Sundays
World Cup Win (Spain vs Holland)
Pimp House with Family Vacation
Family’s train tickets not being valid, splitting up to get to Madrid

MTV (Sweet 16, Room Raiders, 16 and Pregnant)
Smell of Marijuana from people walking by our window
Bike Ride

Czech Republic
Ate at Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant almost every night (followers of the Truth, led by The Supreme Master, Arcadia CA)
A million rafts going down the river in Cesky Krumlov
BAD (worst) Chinese Food in Cesky Krumlov
Jackson scared of Bees in Cesky Krumlov at the restaurant by the riverfront

The door from Amazing Race that did not have a secret keyhole

The blueberries and strawberries
People seemed uptight
Bono was apparently in our hotel
Jackson liked ice cream (cone on some fortress island, and softserve from mcdonalds)

Every plane ride we took
Jackson loved to flirt with any women around him. He'd look over the back of the chair and smile a lot.