Our plan was to stay in Tallinn for eight nights before heading to Helsinki. After two days, we decided that four nights would be sufficient. We had already seen most of the town and didn't feel like hibernating in the apartment. I have to admit, this trip has gotten a lot harder since Jackson began to walk. His energy level and 5am awakenings have exhausted us. Furthermore, we miss the comforts of home, our family and friends. So we shortened the trip and decided to head back to New York on August 20th, spend a few weeks there, and then return to California.

That said, Tallinn is a lovely place. It is one of the less tourist developed cities we've visited thus far, but its well preserved architecture and old town lives up to its Unesco World Heritage status. Interestingly, Estonia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world and is also the birthplace of Skype.

The weather in Tallinn was interesting. It was sunny for the most part but when it rained, it poured. This region is also extremely cold during the winter so every home has a sauna room. Too bad we didn't get to make use of it during our stay.

Beautiful memories from Tallinn:

Old city walls

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Freedom Cross

St. Catherine's Passage

James fell for an Estonian lady

House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads (As seen on The Amazing Race, except there was no secret entrance!)

Jackson is our tour guide

Funny street sign

Our baby has grown up over the course of the trip

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