We spent about 10 days in Seville, the capital of Southern Spain. We rented an apartment in the historic center part of the town and explored everything by foot. The city is beautiful and every corner you turn makes for a great photo op.

Plaza de España, built in 1928 for the World's Fair and currently under reconstruction. (We thought the China Pavilion was magnificent, but the scale of this plaza was breathtaking.)

Cathedral of Seville, largest gothic church in the world constructed in the 1400-1500s. (Another one at the site of a former mosque)

Tomb of Christopher Columbus inside the Cathedral

Alcázar, royal palace (originally a Moorish fort). Beautiful gardens for strolling.

Before we arrived in Spain, we were told by many people to watch out for thieves and other petty crimes. There were a few women by the Cathedral who tried to offer me some herbs and in my high defense, I declined to engage them. Apparently once you hold the herb, they pester you for money. While at the Spanish Plaza, we also overheard a woman complaining about a man who attempted to grab her purse. I guess it's quite easy to get distracted when looking at such beautiful monuments.

One of the things we missed out on in Seville was attending a Flamenco dance show. The shows were typically after 9pm and without a babysitter, it was just not possible. But we certainly didn't miss out on the food since Seville is supposedly where tapas were invented. We went to a couple of tapas places and sampled a variety of delicious food. Our only complaint was the smoky rooms but that's expected everywhere in Spain (and Europe).

We ate all that?

After almost a month in Andalusia, we left Seville on a train to Barcelona. Southern Spain is such a culturally rich region with well preserved historical sights. I'm glad that our experiences were captured on film and on this blog, but it is definitely a place that I'd like to return to one day.

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