Japan was never in our initial plans for our world tour but we're so glad that we squeezed in a two week visit, especially during the cherry blossom season. Tokyo was our first stop followed by Kyoto. We got the 14-day Japan Rail Pass that gave us unlimited rides on JR trains for a set price. Obviously the more you travel throughout Japan, the better this deal. I think we broke even on our trip but it was still worth it given the convenience.

The weather in Tokyo was unseasonably cool during our visit but luckily turned warmer towards the end of our week there. Our apartment was right across the street from the Yasukuni Shrine. Cherry blossoms were planted all around this area. Locals like to picnic under the trees and there are food vendors set up all around the cherry blossoms. It was a great place to grab a delicious snack or meal, day or night!

Despite not being able to get to some top notch restaurants in Tokyo, everything we had in Japan was delicious. In addition to the street vendor foods we tried, we had some great pastas, ramen, sushi and shabu shabu. I also loved the bento boxes at train stations. Everything was beautifully crafted and laid out, and it was delicious even as a cold meal on the train.

Tokyo is a very fast paced city even for a New Yorker. Everyone seems to be running around despite being extremely crowded. Here we are in Harajuku and Shibuya (the busiest street in Tokyo).

We did manage to seek refuge at a nice park near the Imperial Palace to spend a sunny afternoon one day.

Up next, Kyoto!

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